Mobile Solar

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Solar Generating Unit

  • Here at Southwest Solar Solutions we believe so strongly in the systems we design and the products we use, that we just had to put it all together and show the power we can harvest from natural elements and so the mobile Solar Generator was born.

    Using state of the art technology, we designed and built a fully portable system that can produce mains electricity from the sun and its so powerful that it can power a house direct from sunshine with batteries to back the system up at night.
    In the summer we travel around with the solar generator powering a large venue, demonstrating that there is a natural way to move forward for our energy needs at outdoor events

    Solar Tracking System

    Our Unique solar tracking unit ensures we harvest every ray of sunshine from dawn to dusk, it tracks the sun's arc, making sure our solar panels receives max daylight, giving us 30 - 35% more energy over a south facing fixed array. This method of tracking the sun on a mobile application is unique.
    The system we have designed and use is so efficient it only uses only 1500 watts of energy to run the whole of our mobile solar stage set up.(ie less power than a micro wave oven)

    Electricity Generation and Distribution

    Clean, reliable power is one of the main factors for a trouble free event our solar generating unit provides cleaner electricity than any mechanical generating unit be that Diesel Petrol Bio Fuel or the National grid. We run on sunshine when the sun shines with a huge battery backup for night time or overcast conditions. Cheap or unsuitable cable and distribution can lead to power cuts or even damage to expensive electrical equipment. Our equipment is regularly PAT tested and meets all of the requirements set by UK and European standards.


    Our Certification is avaliable for inspection on request at each event.