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Mobile Solar Stage

  • The stage can be dry hired on its own with the hirer providing the Power P.A and lighting rig or as a package: e.g solar generating unit 100% carbon neutral in its production of electricity, industry standard front of house pa available from 2,000watts to 15,000watts, also cutting edge superbright L.E.D lighting rig.This package is ready for use within 90 mins of arriving on site.

    Constructed of lightweight- aluminium our mobile stages are pulled behind our solar generating unit and can be set up virtually anywhere with reasonably level ground Our stages available for rental offer fast set up and dismantle time saving money and time on hire cost.

    Load bearing trusses offer a safe solution for our lighting rig and stage props when set our stages offer a virtually seamless floor preferred by dancers and performers who rely upon movement as part of there performance.
    For festival organisers who rely on volunteer labour and for whom safety and the risk of liability are a concern, these professionally engineered and fabricated structures offer a great solution.

    Our Stages comply to all the latest British Standards giving you peace of mind for your event.

    BS 648 :1964
    BS 5950-1: 2000
    BS6399 Part 1: 1996
    BS6399 Part 2: 1997
    BS EN 1991-1-1:2007

    Stage Dimension

    Width 6.8 m.
    Depth 5.8 m
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    Business Liability

    Public Liability £5,000,000

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